The beginning...

Mckellar's View


Welcome to the beginning of a journey and transformation of a brand, movement and service to humanity! Mckellar's View!

 My name is Jeremy Mckellar founder, creative director, visionary, and freelance photographer behind the orchestration of Mckellar's View. My photography consist of portraits, nature, travel, event, sports, advertising/marketing, engagements, and many other forms of photography. My uncle gifted me a camera at the age of 12 and said "see what you can do youngin". Ever since that time I've been taking photos to not only capture moments, but to relive and renew special times of the past through photography. My work goes far beyond just an image, Mckellar's view is my way of inspiring, uplifting and encouraging others to appreciate life and cherish the moments God has gifted us. 

Through my photography I hope to evoke a sense of happiness, pain, joy, warmth, cold, love and every emotion that you feel in your daily lives and putting that into a visual concept. My mission is to capture moments that will live on far beyond our times here and hopefully future clients and partners will allow me to do this!

Follow me on this journey of making my imprint on the lives of others and I'm sure we won't disappoint! 

This is the beginning....  

Spread love - Jeremy McKellar  | Mckellar's View 

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